[cookbook] Where are the chefs?

Hello hello fellow hippies,

is it my spam filter or this list is in zombie state?

Remember the wiki:
(IRC: #gnome-cookbook)

Well besides ping-ing, I wanted to propose that we set in stone
whatever we are gonna do, I fear that we are gonna publish the first
edition of the book in GNOME's 20th anniversary otherwise :).
Let me propose the following tasks or points:

- Discuss and propose the "content layout" of the book
  Which are the sections? shall we include X or Y thing? how are usual cook
  books organized? shall we use gnomey names on the sections?)

- Find and set the way we are gonna put all the content together,
  I'm a total ignorant of collaborative editing so my only guess is that using
  GNOME's svn and some format like the one used for documentation or that
  would do it, we would only need to use our template over it and it would be

- Start putting the content together
  This is obvious, I would like to see some way to get feedback from people
  without them needing to checkout the latest book source or something like that
  Ideas welcome, but it would be cool to have feedback over the receipts of a
  major audience than us, the footware chefs.

- Translate, beautify and publish it!

I'm all for taking a standard "content layout" and start tweaking it
over the road, so the first big step would be just knowing how to fill
the content and start filling it. I don't know documentation process
so I call for the help of others in the list to sugggest a solution.

So I would ask you all for your feedback on this points, if you agree
I would ask for feedback on the first one so we get the ball rolling
(or whatever the expression is, I don't recall :P).

This is a cool project, I'm sure you didn't subscribe to this list
just for the sake of getting more spam, so let's not let it go
vaporware zombie mode!.



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