Re: Unique BonoboControl

Hi Mikoyan,

On Mon, 2003-11-03 at 20:37, Mikoyan wrote:
> I've an simple BonoboControl of which only one may be
> active at the same time. E.g. I've such a control and an object.
> The object sends corba calls to the control. When this
> object is created, if first checks if such control is
> running. If not, it creates the control in a bonobowindow,
> and starts sending the messages to the control. Otherwise 
> it will just sends the messages to the already running
> control... (which may be embedded/activated by any other
> app).

	Ok - you sure associating all this with a 'Control' is what you really
want to do ? a Control in Bonobo land is a very specific thing - a
single view, graphical item. This contrasts with Windows where the word
'Control' is meaningless [ an invisible timer 'control' eg. ;-]

> So the question is simple: what should I do?

	Explain what you are trying to achieve; is it that you want to have
only 1 running instance of your app, and to pass cmdline arguments to
the running instance when new versions are run ?



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