Unique BonoboControl

Hi list,

Let me first describe the situation before I'll ask the

I've an simple BonoboControl of which only one may be
active at the same time. E.g. I've such a control and an object.
The object sends corba calls to the control. When this
object is created, if first checks if such control is
running. If not, it creates the control in a bonobowindow,
and starts sending the messages to the control. Otherwise 
it will just sends the messages to the already running
control... (which may be embedded/activated by any other

I've looked at gedit code and at the thread of this mailing
list "weird diagnostics from trivial Bonobo server", but I'm
still not sure what to do.

So the question is simple: what should I do? And a step
per step explanation would be appreciated, however, any
answer would be very appreciated :-) (I'm currently playing
with bonobo_activation_* stuff, but i'm not very sure what
i'm doing :))

(Btw, what is the UniqueApplication thing about?)

Thanks in adavance, Steven

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