Re: Bonobo Activation Server goes to sleep

On Thu, 2003-12-18 at 20:21, Michael Meeks wrote:
> 	Unfortunately this first fragment isn't helpful ;-) If you bzip2 the
> data it should be very substantially smaller - it should be extremely
> compressible, can you post a link to that instead ?

I am NO expert on reading files like this. But one thing I already don't
like while reading it is the following two lines:

[pid  4193] 1071658641.340763 execve("/bin/sh", ["/bin/sh", "-c",
"/usr/local/bin/esd -terminate -n"...], [/* 29 vars */] <unfinished ...>
[pid  4193] 1071658641.341911 <... execve resumed> ) = 0

That confuses me no end. There is no version of esd in /usr/local/bin,
although there was briefly when I was trying to compile a debug version.
All my GNOME 2.4.0 programs, however, are in my ~/garnome/bin directory.
I therefore uninstalled esd from /usr/local/bin. I then reinstalled it
in ~/garnome/bin. Why is some program trying to spawn it from
/usr/local/bin? Furthermore, why is execve returning 0 when the program
isn't even in that directory anymore? Gnome-session surely can't be
looking for esd in that directory first. I made sure that ~/garnome/bin
comes before /usr/local/bin in garnome-session: 

Some process executes the correct version of esd later on:

[pid  4195] 1071658641.479831 execve("/home/geoff/garnome/bin/esd",
["/home/geoff/garnome/bin/esd", "-nobeeps"], [/* 29 vars */] <unfinished
[pid  4195] 1071658641.505728 <... execve resumed> ) = 0

I checked /tmp/.esd, and there is no such file or directory. No wonder
I'm not getting any sound! EsounD failed to create a socket file on
starting up this time like it usually does. That probably explains why
GNOME booted up at all. Usually I have to leave EsounD running in the
background first and delete its socket file before GNOME will start. In
other words, I only get GNOME running if it has no sound!

What on earth is trying to run esd from /usr/local/bin? And why didn't
esd create a socket file this time? 

More questions than answers, I'm afraid...


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