Re: Build problem with linc->ORBit2->libbonoboui. I'm stuck :(


> For the gnome-2-2 branch, there is no breakage because the commit that
> went into head on 2003-04-18 is missing from the gnome-2-2 branch. There
> is no reference in that commit to a bug number of anything and it wasn't
> discussed on this list. It looks like somebody trying to make
> libbonoboui build on another platform.

I did the change for cygwin.
I'm sorry. I should have written not only changes themselves but also
the reason in the commit-message and ChangeLog.

On win32 platform, an application (or a DLL) which uses DLL foo
directly (not via other DLL) must be linked with -lfoo, whether
dependency DLL is linked with -lfoo or not. So although libgnome
is linked with -lpopt, libbonoboui also need to be linked with -lpopt. 

> Is it needed on the gnome-2-2
> branch (linking libbonoboui against popt)? I have not made any changes
> on that branch because I cannot track the reason for the change on April
> 18.

After that commit, I realized that -lpopt should be written in
libgnome.pc not in libbonoboui_2_la_LIBADD.
So I think it's better not to change gnome-2-2 branch.


-- Masahiro Sakai

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