Re: intermediate transfer of objects

djcb wrote:
Hi Peter,

On Tue, 29 Apr 2003, Peter Van Osta wrote:
From what I understand, the ORB can "pump" the data into an "out"
parameter and the use Bonobo to notify the client to refresh ? The "out"
bloc is continuously overwritten in a loop. Will this approach work ? Is
it wise to use memcpy on the server side to copy the data over and over
again into the "out" sequence buffer ?

IMHO, it's a lot easier to write the image somewhere on the server,
return the url (ftp:// or maybe NFS?) to the client using CORBA. Of
course, in CORBA it should *also* work, but it's a lot more work...

Most event interfaces would call a method on the client (client and server concepts blur easily ;-) ). Can't you simply create an object in the client, pass it to the server and call a method from the server once an image is available (I did this many times).

Problem: If the client is busy the server will wait (perhaps oneway will help here?)


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