Thanks a lot and C-blues


First of all I really want to thank everyone who has provided me with
excellent help on my "avalanche" of questions. I am under terrible
pressure to get things working in time, so I may "sound" a bit impatient
now an then, for which i apologize. I also wish I had more time to spend
on studying CORBA/ORBit, but as I said I am under pressure to get some
prototype working soon.

One of the issues which makes it hard for me is that on both sides of
the client/server I am using C. As a diehard C-programmer I tend to lose
sight of more "elegant" ways of using CORBA/ORBit. For me it is just C
with "something' in between. It is hard to change old habbits and ways
of programming that are acceptable in C, but make things hard for an

People who use different languages on both sides of the ORB, tend to be
more aware of these issues, but I am learning ;-) that all the world is
not C. One of the reasons to put CORBA in between the "engine" of our
system and the interface is to allow changes on both sides, without
disturbing the entire system.

Best regards,

Peter Van Osta

Union Biometrica N.V./S.A.
European Scientific Operations (ESO)
Cipalstraat 3
B-2440 Geel
Tel.: +32 (0)14 570 619
Fax.: +32 (0)14 570 621

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