Re: od_server_activate_with_id

Hi Rodrigo,

On 26 Jun 2001, Rodrigo Moya wrote:
> you're hard to convince, Michael :-)

        Yes :-)

> I've got no problem at all in using monikers or OAF directly, and, in
> fact, I've never used this od_* functions never (not even the
> bonobo_object ones), I use OAF directly (and monikers, if I have to),
> but I was thinking about other people, which start using Bonobo, and 
> maybe they'll expect a simple function (like
> bonobo_directory_activate_with_id ("OAFIID:MyComponent")) instead of
> having to issue a "complex" query.

        Ah, in which case you need to modify my above get_object line to:

        Bonobo_Control my_control = bonobo_get_object (
                "OAFIID:MyComponent", "Bonobo/Control", NULL);

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