Re: file type selection

On 06 Jun 2001 19:25:43 -0700, Sri Ramkrishna wrote:
> > i've started hooking up some of the directory filtering things, and
> > would like a bit of feedback.
> Certainly.
> > does it really make sense to accept both regexps and mime types[1]?
> It depends.  Sometimes I like to write filenames that are of the type:
> sample_file.stuff and I have 10 of theese.  Lets say I have 200 files of
> type text/plain in a directory.  If I used mime types I would not be able
> to reduce my set of files to something manageable.

so there are two things here that you are confusing (which i didn't make

what i am talking about are things that the application can set on the
file selector dialog, not that the user can specify.  for example, my
eog patch currently provides the file selector with a list of types it
can open: image/png, image/gif, etc.

these get shown in the "file of type" widget underneath the one you type
filenames into.

what you're talking about is the ability to type in a regexp on the
entry you type filenames into.  i certainly plan to add this, but it's
not there yet.

does this clear things up?

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