Re: Fw: some thoughts on dialogs

On 06 Jun 2001 20:53:19 -0500, Mike Kestner wrote:
> > From: jacob berkman <jacob ximian com>
> > > but in terms of use easage, having a component which up poppages its own
> > > window is simply simpler.  this got some thoughts inside of my head,
> > > which i am now attempting to expell.  
> Maybe we should add a method to UIContainer to popup a dialog...
>     ControlFrame createDialog (in string title, in boolean modal);
> Something like this would come in handy for Views and CanvasComponents.

looking at my path again, it is only like 1 or 2 extra lines of code
(window creation wise) for making a gtkfilesel vs. making a gtk window
and adding a control to it.

so it is actually not much use to add anything, i guess.

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