Re: An object becomes NULL somewhere

On Mon, 26 Jun 2000, Kennard White wrote:

> Your best bet (I suggest) is to use gdb, and trace through the skels code
> of the ORBit-side. At some point after calling the servant function,
> ORBit_marshal_object() should be invoked. If not invoked, that is your
> problem. If so, your problem is downstream.

OK, thanks for the hint, here's what I found: ORBit_marshal_object is
called from the skeleton code on the object returned by the
implementation, however, as soon as the object retunred by
ORBit_marshal_object is written to the communication stream
(giop_send_buffer_write(_ORBIT_send_buffer);) the other side tells me it
got a null as the return value.

Since I think mabye the GNOME/C implementation of Bonobo is doing
something nasty in both Embeddable::new_view and Control::get_property_bag
(and probably some other accessor functions I haven't encountered yet), so
I'm cc'ing gnome-components-list as well.

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