bonobo-control's (and others'?) constructor


As you may know, language bindings like Gtk-- need access to object
constructors without object allocation code. That's usually done by having
a _new and a _construct method, with _new simply calling _construct on an
allocated object (see any GTK+ widget for example).
However, it looks like Bonobo is not really nice in this regard: take, for
example, bonobo-control.h:
BonoboControl *bonobo_control_construct	(BonoboControl       *control,
					Bonobo_Control       corba_control,
					GtkWidget           *widget);

Obviously, this is not the constructor for binding authors, but something
for low-level CORBA magic. Looking at _construct for some other random
BonoboObjects looked like the same.
This is bad for two reasons: first, the initialization code is now in the
_new methods, making it impossible (or maybe just hard) for binding
authors to wrap them. On the other hand, the _construct method name is
already taken for something else.

Solution ideas?


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