bonobo_control_set_toolbars ()


it looks like bonobo_control_set_toolbars () does
nothing useful at the moment and you need to use some
code like this instead:

    bonobo_ui_handler_create_toolbar (local_ui_handler, "Main");
    toolbar_list = bonobo_ui_handler_toolbar_parse_uiinfo_list
    bonobo_ui_handler_toolbar_add_list (local_ui_handler, "/Main",
    bonobo_ui_handler_toolbar_free_list (toolbar_list);

Does this mean that bonobo_control_set_toolbars () is
considered obsolete or is this just not yet implemented ?

Btw. I think bonobo_control_set_toolbars () should take an
additional argument with is the toolbar path.

Martin Baulig (private) (work)

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