Re: Bonobo & CCM

Hi Rodrigo,

On 11 Dec 2000, Rodrigo Moya wrote:
> I'm starting to read some things about CCM (the CORBA Component 
> Model), and one of the questions that have been raised when talking
> about it with other people, is that if Bonobo should implement the CCM  
> IDL interfaces or not.  

        Here is my relatively uninformed take on the CCM. They are
targeting a different market to us; they want to provide an open standard
for middle tier component development, filling the same gap as EJBs.

        Whilst this is something that interests Miguel and I, it is not of
primary importance in the matter at hand of making Bonobo rock as a
desktop platform primarily ( since this is what many of our users seem to
want to expect ) and as a Component Object Model Environment secondarily.

> So, that's the question: is Bonobo going to implement (or interface
> with) the CCM model? I suppose this will happen (if it ever happens)
> not very soon, but is it something to have in mind?

        When the CCM is finalized and there are a few implementations,    
( there is a lot of new stuff, ( the MOF sounds interesting too ) ) then  
we will be in a position to see how to proceed. That is if there is a
market for the CCM vs. EJB which remains to be seen.
        So; of course the CCM interfaces are build on top of CORBA + some
mods, so it would seem that it might be relatively simple to interwork the
two, but then again I have no real clue.

> I don't know too much yet about CCM, but I suppose it will, if it
> succeeds, be the standard component model for all platforms

        Many would like to claim that for their standard.

> BTW, Diego Sevilla has a page about CCM, very interesting, which you    
> can find at
        Thanks for the ref.

 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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