Bonobo oafinfo renames ...

Hi guys,

	I've just corrected the last few oafinfo filenames in Bonobo
to clean up the bits of the namespacing mess that we were responsible
for. You might want to clean your old files out like this:


PREFIX="`gnome-config --datadir oaf`/oaf"

rm $PREFIX/echo.oafinfo 
rm $PREFIX/paint-component-simple.oafinfo 
rm $PREFIX/item.oafinfo 
rm $PREFIX/hello.oafinfo
rm $PREFIX/bonobo-calculator-control.oafinfo 
rm $PREFIX/bonobo-clock-control.oafinfo 
rm $PREFIX/text-plain.oafinfo 
rm $PREFIX/application-x-mines.oafinfo 
rm $PREFIX/audio-ulaw.oafinfo 

	Also; people might want to consider starting to re-namespace
oafinfo filenames in other applications.



 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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