Re: My first component


On Fri Aug 25, 2000 at 12:59:23PM +0000, Oliver White wrote:
-> Hi folks, I'm developing my first bonobo component, and I need a little
-> help to get started.
-> My idea is to reimplement much of the functionality of a 'Bloomberg
-> Box'. However, I'm starting small, with a simple 'real time chart'
-> component. Essentially it's a wiggly line generator. ;-)
-> My starting point is writing the IDL file for it.
-> >From what I've been told (and it's been a bit tricky finding the right
-> documentation), I'll need to inherit from the GNOME::Control interface.
-> I have no idea what this interface looks like, or what header I need to
-> include, or even what packages I'll need.

Sorry, didn't read your mail well enough :-(

The 'real-time' part makes it a bit harder. You'll probably need the listener
stuff somebody was talking about in this thread. Or wait for the book


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