Re: My first component

On Fri Aug 25, 2000 at 12:59:23PM +0000, Oliver White wrote:
-> Hi folks, I'm developing my first bonobo component, and I need a little
-> help to get started.
-> My idea is to reimplement much of the functionality of a 'Bloomberg
-> Box'. However, I'm starting small, with a simple 'real time chart'
-> component. Essentially it's a wiggly line generator. ;-)
-> My starting point is writing the IDL file for it.
-> >From what I've been told (and it's been a bit tricky finding the right
-> documentation), I'll need to inherit from the GNOME::Control interface.
-> I have no idea what this interface looks like, or what header I need to
-> include, or even what packages I'll need.

You don't need to write IDL. The best way to start is to buy the
Bonobo book. However, this does not exist yet. The second best way is
to look in samples/controls of the bonobo source distribution. The
'calculator control' shows the stuff you need to do.


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