bonobo, gnome-vfs, and libefs

Right now, bonobo and gnome-vfs effectively have a circular dependency
because gnome-vfs uses libefs and bonobo uses gnome-vfs. Yes, I know
that technically libefs is a separate module. But when you make binary
packages built in the normal way, bonobo will have to depend on the
gnome-vfs package and vice versa.

There are several possible solutions:

1) Make bonobo stop importing libefs through cvs magic; instead, make
   it use and depend on the libefs module, which would be built and
   installed separately.

2) Move the efs gnome-vfs module into bonobo; gnome-vfs modules do not
   need to be distributed with gnome-vfs to work, examples include the
   search: module in medusa, and the help: module in nautilus.

3) Remove the efs gnome-vfs module entirely.

#1 seems most reasonable to me, but I would be happy to implement any
 of the 3 options.

 - Maciej

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