Re: menu separators

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on 8/23/00 2:30 PM, Michael Meeks at wrote:

> This feature is part of my UI handler changes; Placeholders if
> empty will contract to a separator ( if there are no adjacent placeholders
> ) and when filled will top and tail.

Nautilus currently uses placeholders in at least some places where we don't
want separators before and after any added menu items. For example, there
are lists of commands where we want to add an additional command to the list
without a separator.

So I'm hoping the new UI handler will allow placeholders that don't
automatically create separators, although the automatic separators would be
useful for many, if not most, cases.

If not, we'll have to undo the recent changes we made to Nautilus to use
placeholders and go back to our old pre-placeholder workarounds for many
cases. This would be a bad thing, I think.

    -- Darin

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