Re: gcm with Gimp, EOG, Darktable & Co

On Wed, Apr 18, 2012 at 9:14 PM, Florian Neukirchen <riannek web de> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to figure out how to get gnome-color-manager (on fedora 16 /
> gnome 3.4) to work together with graphics applications. I stumbled over
> a mail by Øyvind Kolås, saying the opposite of every other website I've
> read (e.g.
> "you most likely are better off working directly in sRGB in GIMP with
> color management disabled. Letting colord / gnome-color-manager or
> similar do it's job of adjusting sRGB according to your displays
> profile. Having both global color correction and GIMP's display filter
> would lead to double correction and thus incorrect results."
> The point is, with the profile I created with gnome-color-manager, I get
> a decent result (comparing screen with test images) as long as "use
> system profile" is switched off in GIMP 2.6 / Darktable 1.0. However,
> with EOG 3.2, grey darker as 20 % already looks black, making EOG
> useless. The same happens with GIMP and Darktable using the system
> profile.

Is this by any chance on a laptop display? Since I've seen similar
things happen. I haven't been able to properly research this.

This may actually be an Argyll issue, but I haven't really double checked that.

I've attached a patch for GCM which could possibly help as a
workaround. However I didn't submit it to hughsie yet, because I
haven't extensively tested it yet.

Pascal de Bruijn

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