Re: Where/how to report crashing bug for packages?

It might be relevant to this report,
about Eclipse misbehaving when accessibility is enabled in GNOME.

If you can narrow down whether the issue has to do with Java (for
example, disable Java in OOo, see if it still fails), then it would be
easier to relate the two reports.

Considering the discussions in gnome-devel on whether to have
Accessibility enabled by default, I think that these issues are


On Mon, Feb 25, 2008 at 11:33 AM, Tim Richardson <tim tim-richardson net> wrote:
> I am helping to process some old Debian bug reports. There is a crasher
> affecting and gnome accessibilty; the crash is
> linked to the Debian package
> It is an old bug, and it still exists in the latest packages (2.4.0 RC1)
> I want to report the bug upstream (ie, to gnome)
> I can't see how to report bugs for this package via
> It is not listed anywhere that would be at least half obvious, in my
> humble opinion.
> regards
> Tim
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