A rant on

The six month release cycle is not an all-controlling god, and bugs in
one known, specific subsystem are not undebuggable without wide
release (which was KDE's most valid excuse). If it isn't ready for
wide use, it isn't and shouldn't be a GNOME .0. It isn't 'too late' to
decide that; you're the QA team, dammit- it is your job to say no
right up to the very last minute, and demand extra time to protect the

Distros follow our schedule because we promise high-quality .0s, so
they should be thrilled we've admitted this won't be high-quality, and
they should either happily take a pass, or if they have a serious
problem with it, they should provide resources to make it high-quality
on time. (If they have a problem with it, their users should probably
question doubt their commitment to shipping quality software.)

end rant-

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