GNOME Showstopper Review.

an updated list of GNOME 2.22 showstopper bugs.
reproduce, test, and help out!


=> prompt service + tabs fix
accoding to chpe this is a must-fix for any release supporting xulrunner
chpe plans to work on this for 2.21.92.

gdm has been rewritten and has several regressions compared to version
2.20. currently three people are working fulltime to get this fixed.
however if all goes wrong, GNOME 2.22 could still ship GDM 2.20.x. The
ToDo list is available at if anybody is
interested or wants to help.
the latest status update was .
the release-team expects a decision whether to use GDM 2.20 or 2.22 for
GNOME 2.22 within the next few days.

=> crash in Battery Charge Monitor: Plugging in a USB mouse
86 dups total, 6 in the last 30 days. the number of incoming reports is
we now also have a report from 2.20 and a decent stacktrace.
=> crash in Volume Control: starting skype [2.18 only?]
288 dups total, 2 in the last 30 days. also decreasing number of
incoming reports.
at a first glance it seems as there are only fedora7 (2.18) reports, can
anybody reproduce this with another distribution than Fedora7? Comments
168 to 172 include some useful information.

=> crash in Volume Control: changing settings [2.18 only?]
246 dups total.
again, according to comment 216 this might be fixed in 2.20.
still missing a good stacktrace. can anybody (preferably Fedora 7 users)
reproduce this and provide a good stacktrace?

=> crash in gtk_rc_reset_styles()
920 dups total, 54 in the last 28 days.
vincent said "it's really unfixable if no developer can reproduce it",
so if anybody wants to help out, please provide the relevant SElinux log
for vuntz, and the value of the gconf key /desktop/gnome/font_rendering.
this has now also been reproduced with 2.20 though 99% of the reports
are from 2.18.

=> Implement ftp backend
gvfs lacks ftp and so will nautilus. this is a regression compared to
currently nobody is working on getting this fixed.
volunteers **highly** welcomed.
=> Need "network:" backend implementation
in gnome-vfs "network:" was just a merger of various other backends
(e.g. dns-sd:// and smb://).
gicmo and alex will probably work on this, but any help also **highly**

=> Selecting multiple icons does not work properly
sometimes only the last file will be selected. this is quite visible and
still valid. patches welcome.

=> pango_layout_set_height() with positive height always shows at least
two lines
currently when a positive height is set on the layout, at least two
lines are
rendered before ellipsizing.
behdad wants to fix this by monday.

we need a better integration; especially getting
debug information from the distros so core files can be "decrypted" to
stacktraces. this is getting urgent, 2.22.0 is only 4 weeks away.
fer is working on writing documentation for the distributions. already receives reports nobody looks at because they
cannot be decrypted. we will lose even more user feedback if this
doesn't get sorted out quickly.

Changes/Fixes since the last review[2]:
      * all core gnome modules have been ported to libsoup 2.4
      * EVOLUTION: the famous 213072 (summary mismatch) has been worked
      * EVOLUTION: 445309 finally received a good stacktrace and has
        been fixed.
      * GEDIT: 405900 (gnome-print related) has been closed as obsolete
        as gedit 2.21 uses gtk+-print.
      * GNOME-PANEL: 509756 (regression of not populating the places
        menu) has been mostly fixed by using GIO/GVFS for this area.
      * GTK+: 419737 (File save dialog deletes/empties filename when
        changing directory) seems to be fixed by olle and federico.
      * GTK+: 56070 (Can't click button after setting it sensitive) most
        people don't see this as a GNOME 2.22 blocker but as a highly
        annoying gtk+ blocker.

(for more information on showstopper reviews in general, see [3].)


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