Re: [Fwd: [Bug 481927] New: Request to add project "stick2xyz" to gnome bugzilla]

On Sat, 06 Oct 2007 18:13:31 +0200, Kevin McBride <kmcbr ptd net> wrote:

Is anyone going to approve or deny this project?  I tried to ask on the
bugmasters mailing list, but no one subscribed there replied.

Sorry for the delay

Product created. You need to add at least one component at

Put stick2xyz-maint gnome bugs as the default asignee.

Log in to Gnome bugzilla, go to Account->Email prefs and watch the user

 stick2xyz-maint gnome bugs

Everyone intrested in all project trouble reports should watch it.

You can edit all product aspects and add developers at

Christian Kirbach
Christian Kirbach nsn com

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