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hej willem,

Am Samstag, den 21.07.2007, 11:33 +0200 schrieb Willem van Bergen:
> I was wondering if somebody is working on some kind of tool to analyze
> bugzilla data "on the fly". A quick search resulted in a page with
> yearly bugzilla statistics, but this can hardly be called 'live
> statistics'. :-) 

there is a "weekly summary" overview page at and one can
change the parameters for the URL, e.g.

> By visualizing the "flow" in bug handling, it can help to identify the
> bottlenecks in the process. I would like to help out in such an
> effort, or start it up if nobody is working on it yet.

that's cool, because i had a talk about missing statistics in gnome at
guadec (the gnome conference) two days ago. gnome has nice snapshot
statistics, but not that many stats that show the changes in time. see (slides 20-28 are about bugzilla and the bugsquad).

> I have worked on a similar tool to analyze platform maintenance
> process data in the natural gas industry for the last two years in my
> former job. This tool has been in use now for some months and is
> really helping getting the maintenance work done. 

can you elaborate a bit about the features that you have in mind, or
which stuff you would like to track and show?
the gnome bugzilla code is available in the gnome-svn (module:
bugzilla-newer), one can also webbrowse it at . 

> As I am moving to the other side of the country, I recently quitted
> this job. Unfortunately, I really liked this kind of work so now I am
> looking for something similar to spend my time on. And what better to
> spend my time on than my favorite open source project? :-)

afaik nobody is working on this, and i would be very happy to see
progress here. :-)


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