Live bugzilla analysis/statistics


I was wondering if somebody is working on some kind of tool to analyze bugzilla data "on the fly". A quick search resulted in a page with yearly bugzilla statistics, but this can hardly be called 'live statistics'. :-) By visualizing the "flow" in bug handling, it can help to identify the bottlenecks in the process. I would like to help out in such an effort, or start it up if nobody is working on it yet.

Let me shortly introduce myself: I am a 24 year old dutch guy and I have a bachelor degree in computer science. In september, I will start my masters at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. I have experience in PHP, Ruby / Rails and some Java for web development. I am experienced with SQL including OLAP, mainly MySQL, but I have worked with Oracle and PostgreSQL as well.

I have worked on a similar tool to analyze platform maintenance process data in the natural gas industry for the last two years in my former job. This tool has been in use now for some months and is really helping getting the maintenance work done. As I am moving to the other side of the country, I recently quitted this job. Unfortunately, I really liked this kind of work so now I am looking for something similar to spend my time on. And what better to spend my time on than my favorite open source project? :-)

I hope someone can point me to previous work or someone currently working on this. If nobody is working on it yet, I hope somebody is willing to help me start such a project if there is any interest in this kind of work. And of course, suggestions are welcome too! 


Willem van Bergen

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