Re: Closing bugs with bad stack trace as INCOMPLETE


On 4/27/07, Vincent Untz <vuntz gnome org> wrote:

With the new bug-buddy, we're all receiving tons of new bugs. It's good,
since we now know about some crashers we didn't know before.

However, many of those bugs have invalid stack trace, and have been
created by a user who might never go to bugzilla. We're marking those
bugs as NEEDINFO, and we now have tons of NEEDINFO bugs. One issue I
have with this is that in the past, I used to use NEEDINFO to mark some
bugs that were definitely good bugs but which were just lacking an
important information. It's not possible to easily find these bugs
anymore, since they're lost in the mass of "BADSTACKTRACE" bugs.

Indeed, NEEDINFO is pretty meaningless.

I'd like us to fix this. I see two possibilities: either introduce a new
BADSTACKTRACE status, similar to NEEDINFO but only about incomplete
stack traces, or decide that it's okay for us to close the bugs as
INCOMPLETE and reopen them if the reporter comes with more details.
This second option is probably easier.

I totally agree with you, if the person that reported is going to
obtain a new trace, he/she is going to install the debug packages and
reproduce the crash so they will be reporting a new bug with complete
trace. It makes sense to be to base on these fact to close this bugs.

As someone already suggested, it would be a good idea to change the
stock message to make a reference to this.

What do you think?


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