couple thoughts

I'm speaking with the developers of another bug tracking system in a
private thread, and a couple linguistic things have come up that might
be interesting:

* renaming 'unconfirmed' to 'untriaged', and perhaps automating when a
bug goes from untriaged to confirmed? (which might be better named
'fixing' or 'waiting for a fixer' or something...) I'd like an even
better word, but I think 'untriaged' conveys better what we hope will
happen when something goes from inbox->ready for developers/stats/etc.

* renaming 'priority' to 'importance'? I think, again, that conveys in
slightly less abstract terms what we mean by the field.

More abstractly:

* how do we get broader exposure to incoming bug flow? lkml credits
their high rate of bug fixage to having thousands of eyes see every
bug report; bugzilla means that only a few people see any given bug

* is it time to drop severity? The only way I can think of offhand
that we actually use it is when we imply that cosmetic->usabilty and
crasher->High priority. Maybe we should just drop the field altogether
and figure out another way to deal with those?

Anyway, thinking out loud-

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