GNOME Speakers @ FISL2007

Hei all!

The 8th edition of Fórum Internacional Software Livre (aka FISL) [1]
is going to happen in Porto Alegre (Brazil), April 12-14. This is one
of the largest and most important FLOSS conferences in Latin America.
The average number of attendees is 5000 (!). The agenda comprises
political, social topics and technical topics.

As usual, I'm organizing some GNOME activities there. There will be a
GNOME community event which will be more like a brazilian community
BoF to discuss topics like pt_BR localization, GNOME marketing
activities in Brazil, how to get more brazilian contributors to GNOME,
etc. We've been having success on increasing the brazilian presence in
GNOME in the last year and I think those big conferences (i.e. FISL,
Latinoware) had a lot of influence in this regard.

I think we should have a strong presence in FISL. Therefore, I'd like
to know if the Foundation could help to bring one or two GNOME
speakers to Porto Alegre. I've contacted the FISL organization team
and they would be glad to have more international/rocking speakers in
their conference agenda.

I'm still deciding and confirming who I will invite. For now, I'd like
to know if there's interest from the Foundation to fund this. Also,
I'll have to confirm with the organization if they accept the speaker

Thanks in advance!



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