> > If you can rally together *now*, and get something together as a 'sort of'
> > proposal, then I'm sure we can try and find some room for you. That's not a
> > 100% promise, but we'll do our damnedest to make it happen.
> Without having Jeff's original email. Here is a blurb:
I haven't seen it either.  I'd be interested to...

> '''
> is a casual get together for GNOME lovers to meet with
> their favourite hackers and discuss all things GNOMEy. The day will
> comprise of talks from GNOME hackers and contributors as well as
> possible freeform sessions. Anyone interested in Linux on the
> desktop (including KDE users) should come along and check it out;
> it'll be rad.
> '''
> I'll put some content on
> We only need the single room, and we only need it for the day. Most
> importantly, we need the advertising so that attendees know.

OK, I've put that information into our system now.  There is a mailing
list for miniconf organisers, lca06-miniconf lists ethernal org  If you
send one or two email addresses to Mike, he will be able to add you to

FYI, the text I've sent to all other miniconf submitters is below:


We have received your proposal to hold a xxxxx miniconf in conjunction

We will be considering your proposal at our meeting to be held on 1

We have a strong lineup of potential miniconfs. If you would like to
forward us further information in support of your proposal or ask us
questions related to miniconfs, please do so to
organisers lca2006 linux org au 

If your proposal is accepted, you will need to do the following:

1. Get your speaker lineup and timetable sorted out. Remember, miniconf
speakers aren't eligible to apply for any travel assistance or other
benefits unless they also talk at the main conference.

2. Get a website sorted out to publicise the purpose of your miniconf
and provide some speaker highlights/ timetable information, preferably
by September 26. You don't need the whole program to be sorted by then,
but enough to give potential attendees a feel for it. We will want to
link to your site from the main conference website to give information
to potential attendees.

3. Decide whether you are running a one day or two day event, if you
haven't already.

4. Drum up lots of enthusiasm in your community, attract lots of
attendees to register, and run a successful miniconf!

The LCA organisers will provide you with a venue, AV system, and a pool
of potential attendees. Other than that it's up to you. If you have any
questions, feel free to contact us at the above email address.



LCA06 organiser


Congratulations - you're on

The committee has decided to accept your miniconf proposal.  We are not
however announcing the successful miniconfs at this stage because we are
still in discussion with some of the miniconf organisers regarding the
possible merger of some miniconfs.

We will be making an official announcement soon.

You are free to tell the world that you will be running your miniconf at
LCA06 if you have publicity ready to go.

Keep us in the loop

Please get back to us in the next 24 hours to confirm you will be going
ahead with your proposal.  We will be sending out a press release, so if
you want to be included in this release, send us a paragraph about your
miniconf to include.  Also we need to know the URL of your website,
please include this if you have it, or let us know the date you intend
to have it set up if not.  Remember, we're hoping everyone will have a
website set up by the 26th.

Mailing list

We've set up a mailing list with all the miniconf organisers on it, as
well as myself.  The list address is: lca06-miniconf lists ethernal org 
If you have questions about organising your miniconf, this is the place
to ask.

Co-ordinating times

It's been suggested that it would be convenient for attendees if
miniconf organisers could align their timetables, so that attendees can
catch interesting talks from other miniconfs.  (This idea may or may not
appeal to you!)

You are free to set whatever schedule you like for your miniconf, but I
suggest the following skeleton schedule if you want to work in with
other miniconfs:

9-10 Session 1
10-11 Session 2
11-12 Session 3
12-1 Lunch
1-2 Session 4
2-3 Session 5
3-4 Session 6
4-5 Session 7

Feel free to split or combine the times as needed, but the basic idea is
to start sessions on the hour where possible to work in with others.

Thanks for the work you're putting into the miniconfs - let the fun


Alex King



We're just about at the stage where we're able to open registrations,
which is due to happen tomorrow.  We'd like you to have the opportunity
to publicise your miniconf on the lca site from the time registrations
open.  So now is the time to liven your website and send us your link,
if you haven't done so already.

So far I've had two urls, for the
Debian miniconf, and for the sysadmin

I will update the page at with
this information.



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