Re: next year

<quote who="Ryan Verner">

> I have video coverage of bits of 2004 if you or anybody else
> are interested.  It didn't make the LCA DVD (the quality isn't great due
> to poor lighting etc in the room, and some of the tapes fall short; it's
> watchable, nevertheless), but if you or somebody else wish to distribute,
> I'm happy to get the files to you.

Sounds awesome, but obviously we have to get the lighting better next time
around. ;-)

> Off memory, there's about 1 CD worth of content (650MB).  Files are in
> MPEG4.

Hrm, do you have a high-bandwidth link you can put them on?

Thanks Ryan!

- Jeff

-- 2005: Canberra, Australia      
     "Old timers will tell you what a pain unstable was during the new
        testament transition." - Jon Corbet on Debian's KJV packages

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