next year

Hey everyone,

So was cool this year, if a little low-key. It was great to
have some of the luminary hackers from overseas here to talk to, and heaps
of people asked me to do it again for 2005. For a quick
reminder of the INSANITY, here's the old site:

I'll be putting up a site for next year's conference in the coming weeks. If
anyone has suggestions for it, please reply to this post! The more, the
better. :-)

Also, David Madeley (Perth) mentioned that he wanted a GNOME tshirt on IRC a
few minutes ago, so we think this is a pretty cool plan for
2005. Anyone got crazy Aussie GNOME shirt ideas? We can get a whole bunch
printed up in time for the conference.


- Jeff

-- 2005: Canberra, Australia      
    "I've been thinking: I get way too many pieces of e-mail, about 60 a
                             day." - Microserfs

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