gnome-games 3.23.90 released

About gnome-games

Games is a GNOME 3 application to browse your video games library and to
easily pick and play a game from it.

Version 3.23.90

* UI:
 - Show a spinner notification when loading games
 - Smooth out the collection icons arrangement
 - Hide menubar when the app menu is disabled
 - Check there is a media set before updating it

* Retro:
 - Support Libretro cores having a Libretro Core Descriptor
 - Auto-detect Libretro cores supporting serialization
 - Be more tolerant with serialization sizes to follow Libretro rules
 - Allow Libretro cores to load firmwares in ~/.config/gnome-games

* Add support for FDS games

* Avoid some valid Game Boy games to not be detected

* Bugs fixed:
 770783 [nes] Serialization/deserialisation fails
 771683 Duplicate menu to set AppMenu to be displayed in the application window
 771771 Rename symbolic icon to org.gnome.Games-symbolic.svg
 772118 Assertion MediaSet != NULL failed
 773882 No way to know when Games looks for games
 773950 Smoother dynamic cover placement when resizing the window
 777482 retro-gobject: Remove unused private code
 777755 retro: Get whether the core supports snapshoting directly from it
 777777 Game Boy games not detected
 778317 Gnome-games should provide support to Famicom Disk System games
 778446 Support the Libretro Core Descriptor format
 778447 No well defined place for Libretro cores to look for firmwares

* Translation updates:
 Brazilian Portuguese

======== (1.2M)
  sha256sum: 186de376b14aa312ed356156952b998f6e140c9d6f64c81905a7dc51a48d34f0

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