retro-gtk 0.9.90 released

About retro-gtk

retro-gtk provides support for Libretro cores to gnome-games.

Version 0.9.90

* Ongoing refactoring:
 - Merge the retro-gobject module into retro-gtk
 - Merge the RetroGtk namespace into Retro
 - Remove many unused types and functions
 - Refactor many types and functions
 - Make the API overall simpler

* Libretro module query:
 - Search modules from their Libretro Core Descriptor
 - Search Libretro modules in paths from the LIBRETRO_PLUGIN_PATH env variable
 - Drop the ancient module query mechanisms
 - Drop the ancient Libretro core path env variable

* Allow to set a smooth or sharp rendering to CairoDisplay

* Bugs fixed:
 777482: retro-gobject: Remove unused private code
 777987: Allow to have a sharp video output
 778446: Support the Libretro Core Descriptor format

======== (57K)
  sha256sum: b3fc9ee5c16a4fe039001446d34f18424be400f0a3ea4d9bfc70ab478a2dffb1

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