ANNOUNCE: gnome-video-effects 0.4.1 released

Fix a warning with the timedelay effect, and many translation updates.

what is it?
A collection of GStreamer effects to be used in different GNOME Modules.

what's changed in 0.4.1?
 - Remove INSTALL from git
 - Update homepage location
 - Change timedelay effect to use 1 second delay
   The frei0r delay0r filter has a maximum delay of 1 second. Partially
   fixes bug 688818.
 - Port to GStreamer 1.0
   Fixes bug 681090.
 - Added/Updated Translations
   - de, courtesy of Viktor Nyberg
   - el, courtesy of Tom Tryfonidis
   - fr, courtesy of Bruno Brouard
   - fur, courtesy of TmTFx
   - ga, courtesy of Seán de Búrca
   - hi, courtesy of chandankumar
   - id, courtesy of Dirgita
   - lv, courtesy of Rūdolfs Mazurs
   - ml, courtesy of Anish A
   - pl, courtesy of Piotr Drąg
   - pt_BR, courtesy of Enrico Nicoletto
   - pt, courtesy of Duarte Loreto
   - sk, courtesy of Marián Čavojský
   - tg, courtesy of Victor Ibragimov
   - th, courtesy of Theppitak Karoonboonyanan
   - tr, courtesy of Muhammet Kara
   - ug, courtesy of Gheyret Kenji

where can i get it?
you can get it by pressing here!

where can i find out more?
you can visit the project web site:


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