libmediaart 0.3.0

About libmediaart

Library tasked with managing, extracting and handling media art caches


The main changes since 0.2.0 are:

  * build: Don't fail if vapigen isn't available
  * build: Force automake C linkage when building C only
  * build: Remove leftover explicit -lm -lz linkage
  * build: Don't link to both Qt and gdk-pixbuf if both are autodetect
  * build: Honor NOCONFIGURE=1 in configure
  * cache: Improve _remove() function and fix crash with NULL passed
  * cache: Improve _strip_invalid_entites() API
  * cache: Fix Non-void function should return a value
* extract: Fix Qt5 compilation failure, use QCoreApplication instead of GGUIApplication
  * extract: Don't break on dummy implementation due to incorrect args

======== (263K) sha256sum: d9c16e040d1ee7ef0b6d2387419cc74b462ffbfd1325975f1951dcbf7632f77e

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