d-feet 0.1.15 released

A new stable release of d-feet

Changes compared to 0.1.14:

* Add Thomas Bechtold as a project maintainer (Thomas Bechtold)
* fixed tree model crash (Robert Ancell)
* fix crash on empty selection (Robert Ancell)
* removed gap between window titlebar and menubar (Chris Couzens)
* import gtk early in a try except block so we catch if display is not
set (John (J5) Palmieri)
* Use XDG config dir (William Jon McCann)
* update .gitignore (John (J5) Palmieri)
* fix icon globbing in setup.py (John (J5) Palmieri)

Where can I get it ?
* http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/sources/d-feet/0.1/d-feet-0.1.15.tar.xz

What is d-feet ?
D-Feet is a D-Bus debugger written in PyGtk+.

More Information
* https://live.gnome.org/DFeet/

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