Lasem 0.3.3


Lasem 0.3.3 is now available.

Lasem is a library for rendering SVG and Mathml, implementing a DOM like
API. It's based on GObject and use Pango and Cairo for the rendering.
Included in the package, there is a simple application, lasem-render,
which is able to convert a Mathml, an itexmml (latex math like) or a SVG
file to either a PNG, PDF or SVG image.

The major addition to this release is the support for a subset of SVG
filter elements, including feGaussianBlur. Which means Lasem is now able
to render all the (valid) SVG files from gnome-icon-theme.
Here's the changes since the last release:

        Fix parallel compilation.

        Fix a crash in case of transform attribute on gradient elements.
        Handle nodes with name prefixed with 'svg:'.
        Lame vertical text support.
        Fix font size when expressed as percentage.
        Implement overflow attribute for markers.
        Fix Marker auto orientation.
        Fix clipPath transform
        Add preliminary support for feGaussianBlur, feBlend, feComposite,
                feOffset, feMerge, feMergeNode and feFlood.
        Fix group opacity.
        Use transparent color when paint url is not found.

        Support for element prefixed by 'math:'.
        Fix update of itex element on style change.

Lasem is available for download at:

Development happens on the GNOME servers:

        Emmanuel Pacaud.

Changes since the last tag 'LASEM_0_3_2':

Emmanuel Pacaud (76):
      RELEASING file update.
      Post-release version bump.
      tests: an additional test file and more reference images.
      svg: add a transformable class for object with 'transform' attribute.
      tests: import test files from librsvg bugzilla.
      tests: more test file from librsvg bugzilla.
      tests: more librsvg bugzilla files.
      tests: more librsvg bugzilla files.
      tests: add more librsvg bugzilla files.
      tests: directory layout tweak.
      svg: handle nodes with name prefixed with 'svg:'
      svg: start of vertical text support.
      mathml: support for element prefixed by 'math:'
      mathml: fix update of itex element.
      mathml:itex: don't force measure on update if not needed.
      mathml: document lsm_mathml_element_update.
      build: fix parallel build.
      build: avoid gtk-doc warnings.
      Indentation fix.
      docs: some more fixes.
      svg:image: avoid warning when xlink:href attribute is missing.
      tests: add an example of rotated filter.
      svg_view: correctly compute font size expressed as percentage.
      svg_view: fix text-anchor for vertical text.
      svg_marker: implement overflow.
      svg: restore oveflow=hidden for other elements than marker.
      svg_marker: code comments.
      svg_marker: fix typo in rotation angle calculation.
      svg_style: default overflow to hidden.
      tests: update reference image of svg1.2/coords/coords-pAR-201-t.svg
      svg_element: push transform matrix before style.
      svg_view: exit early in show_text when string size is 0.
      svg_marker: don't try to render a stroke sized marker if stroke width is 0.
      tests: simplification of rotated blur test file.
      debug: add category for debugging mask and filter surfaces.
      svg_traits: fix parsing of the second value of one_or_two_double trait.
      tests: arrow orientation test file.
      svg_view: fix auto angle of start markers.
      svg_view: finish fix of marker angle.
      tests: new file for primitiveUnits testing.
      cairo: add new surface and name accessors, and a new_similar function.
      debug: remove filter and mask pseudo category.
      debug: new way to debug intermediate surfaces (mask, filter and pattern).
      cairo: avoid surface leak.
      svg: enable filter code.
      svg_filter: make gaussian blur filter work.
      svg: add feFlood support (not working yet).
      svg_view: avoid a possible push_filter from primitive_element.
      svg: add beginning of feBlend support. Fix feFlood.
      lsm_cairo: flush surfaces before using them.
      svg_feflood: fix opacity.
      svg_filter: add support for feOffset.
      svg_filter_offset: cairo based implementation.
      svg_filter: add support for feComposite.
      TODO update.
      TODO update.
      svg_filter: fix SourceAlpha.
      svg_filter: fake BackgroundImage and BackgroundAlpha.
      test: new filter test files.
      svg_filter: add feMerge and feMergeNode support.
      tests: regroup some filter related tests.
      tests: more reference files.
      tests: more reference files.
      svg_filter: reorder mask, clip and filter effects.
      svg_view: appeler un chat un chat.
      svg_view: fix handling of group opacity.
      svg_view: optimise group opacity in case of filter.
      svg_view: don't do filtering when clipping is in progress.
      tests: test of filter attribute on clip-path child element.
      tests: some more reference files.
      svg_view: emit a warning when clip, mask, filter or paint url is not found.
      svg_view: emit transparent color when paint url is not found.
      tests: add a --dry-run option to lsm-test.
      tests: add an option to lsm-test for a check againt test-ref.png file.
      tests: force svg image to the same width as lasem output.
      NEWS files update.

Jean Brefort (1):
      Don't include lsmsvgenums.h from lsmcairo.h. [#686204]

Piotr Drąg (1):
      Updated Polish translation

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