totem-pl-parser 3.4.0 released

totem-pl-parser 3.4.0 is now available from:

ea4ef1855baa07b1e370562d7a8b442c4c20278bb36b3f63f7d3352a68960a76  totem-pl-parser-3.4.0.changes
a9c9dd1c815f0a407546dd209c209284a846ae2978a82faf2b8d72e86a3b8cc7  totem-pl-parser-3.4.0.tar.xz

Nothing new since 3.3.92 except for an updated Bulgarian translation.

About totem-pl-parser

totem-pl-parser is a simple GObject-based library to parse a host of
playlist formats, as well as save those.

Overview of changes from 3.3.92 to 3.4.0

- Translation updates

Philip Withnall
March 27, 2012

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