ANNOUNCE: AT-SPI 2.5.4 released

AT-SPI 2.5.4 is now available for download at:

What is AT-SPI2

AT-SPI2 is a D-Bus based accessibility framework. It defines a D-Bus
protocol for providing and accessing application accessibility
information. The project includes a library for bridging the D-Bus
protocol to the ATK API, allowing Gtk based applications to be made
accessible. It also contains a client (AT) side library in C and a wrapper
for Python.

What's changed in AT-SPI 2.5.3

* [core] Fix a memory leak (BGO#678738)

* [atk] Create a library (libatk-bridge), currently with
  atk_bridge_adaptor_init() and atk_bridge_adaptor_cleanup() functions, to
  facilitate linking directly into, ie GTK+ 3.

* [atk] Only register events at beginning if an AT is listening (BGO#678475).

* [atk] Use XDG_RUNTIME_DIR to hold the socket, rather than a potentially
  insecure directory hard-coded under /tmp (BGO#678348).

* [atk] Fix various compiler warnings and build errors.

* [pyatspi] Fix truth evaluation for accessibles in Python 3.

* [pyatspi] Fix for bug #678497 - dict.iteritems() is no longer supported in
  Python 3

* [pyatspi] Re-add setTimeout (it seems that it was lost among the Python 3

What's new in at-spi2-atk 2.5.2:

* [core] Fix a missing return value.

* [core] Fix a crash when unable to remove a match rule.

 * [atk] Fix for bug #679013 - AtspiCollection should be implemented for
  all containers

* [atk] Don't create a (non-readable) subdirectory for the socket when root.

* [atk] Plug ref count leaks (BGO#679285).

* [atk] Only create a directory and a socket when requested.

* [atk] Only add items to the cache on children-changed if the children are
  included in the event.

* [atk] Only send PropertyChange signals used for caching, absent listeners.

* [pyatspi] Wrap all interfaces (BGO#679044).

Where can I get more information about AT-SPI2

The project wiki is available at:

How can I contribute to AT-SPI2?

We need help testing with Gnome accessibility technologies, improving
performance, and generally tying up loose ends.  The above-referenced page
contains a list of known issues that should be fixed.

IRC   : #a11y on Gimpnet
E-Mail: accessibility-atspi lists linux-foundation org

Development repositories can be found at:


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