The GNOME Chemistry Utils 0.14


The Gnome Chemistry Utils have been released.

Sources are available at:

The Gnome Chemistry Utils is a collection of chemistry related programs
for the Gnome desktop. These programs are currently:
- a 2D chemical editor (GChemPaint).
- a chemical calculator (computes raw formule, molar weight, mass
composition and isotopic pattern).
- a molecule 3d viewer using OpenGL to display molecular models.
- a crystal structues viewer and editor.
- a periodic table of the elements.
- a spectrum viewer.

There are also available plugins to display supported files in Abiword,
Gnumeric and Firefox.

Main news for the 0.14 series are:

- Use GOffice-0.10 and Gtk+-3.0

- New lasso tool.
- Support for brackets.
- Support for multi-steps reactions.
- Optionally colored atomic symbols.
- Newman projections.

- Revisited user interface.

Spectrum viewer:
- Transform FID to spectrum.
- Support NUTS files.

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