Emperor 0.1 - Orthodox file manager for the GNOME desktop

I am pleased to announce the first released version of Emperor: version
0.1 "Aurelian"

Web site: http://code.jollybox.de/emperor.xhtml

Download: http://code.jollybox.de/pub/emperor/emperor-0.1.tar.xz

Git: https://github.com/tjol/emperor

Emperor is a new Commander-style file manager for the GNOME desktop. It
is writte in Vala and, unlike similar programs such as GNOME Commander
or mc, it uses GIO in order to integrate with the GNOME desktop and to
take advantage of GVfs-FUSE.

While it is not yet full-featured, it is complete enough to be useful
and has good support for network file systems and automatic mounting of
archive files.

Emperor strives to provide a user interface familiar to users of Total
Commander, Krusader, or GNOME Commander.


- GTK+ 3
- Libxml2
- Libgee 0.7

Additional dependencies when building the source from Git:

- Vala 0.12
- GNU Autoconf, Automake, Libtool, and Gettext
- Python 3.x

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