Lasem 0.3.1


Lasem 0.3.1 is now available.

Lasem is a library for rendering SVG and Mathml, implementing a DOM like
API. It's based on GObject and use Pango and Cairo for the rendering.
Included in the package, there is a simple application, lasem-render,
which is able to convert a Mathml, a latex math or a SVG file to either
a PNG, PDF or SVG image.

Here's the changes since the last release:

        Single header include.
        gtk-doc support.
        Unit testing.
        Only export and document the DOM API.
        Binary are now parallel installable.
        Fix crashers found using fuzzxml from Morten Welinder.
        Improve debug output (À la gstreamer).

        Pass a cairo context for each view render.
        Better DOM specification conformance.
        Serialization support.

        Update to 1.4.5.

        Return equation baseline.

        Fix gradient on stroke or fill when opacity < 1.0.
        Implement visibility attribute.
        Implement display attribute.
        Implement image::get_extents.
        Avoid infinite circular references.

Lasem is available for download at:

Development happens on the GNOME servers:

        Emmanuel Pacaud.

Changes since the last tag 'LASEM_0_3_0':

Emmanuel Pacaud (102):
      build: post-release version bump.
      svg_filter_element: dummy render implementation.
      svg_element: reorganize render.
      svg_view: fix gradient in case of simple fill or stroke with
opacity < 1.0.
      svg_style: implement visibilty attribute.
      svg_style: display attribute support.
      TODO update.
      svg_filter: import box blur code from librsvg.
      svg_view: remove redundant NULL checking.
      svg_view: add code for mask surface debugging.
      svg_view: reduce the number of informations stored on
      svg_view: remove useless parameter to
      Revert "svg_view: remove useless parameter to
      Revert "svg_view: reduce the number of informations stored on
      svg_view: remove unused parameter in pattern data.
      svg_view: don't store spread_method in pattern data stack.
      svg_view: don't store pattern units in pattern data stack.
      svg_view: don't store matrix in pattern data stack.
      svg_view: remove unused parameter from
      svg_image_element: implement get_extents.
      svg_view: fix pattern matrix in create_surface_pattern.
      svg_view: start implementation of filter.
      lsm_cairo: add an API for the handling of filter surfaces.
      svg_view: store intermediate filter surfaces.
      svg_filter: begin the work on really applying filters.
      svg_view: disable checks in create_surface_pattern, for now.
      README update.
      dom_view: remove lsm_dom_view_set_cairo.
      filter: implementation of get_extents.
      svg_filter: disable filters for now.
      dom: add serialization functions.
      properties: add parenthesis in LSM_PROPERTY_ID_TO_OFFSET
      properties: add parenthesis to LSM_PROPERTY_OFFSET_TO_ID
      build: add gtk-doc support.
      documentation: some more work.
      documentation: remove most warnings.
      documentation: work on lasem-sections.
      documentation: remove the last warnings.
      tests: add glib testing support.
      tests: first unit test.
      tests: add rendering of the test suite file to the unit tests.
      build: split enumtypes file build in 3 modules (dom, mathml, svg).
      build: start single header include (lsm).
      build: single header include (dom).
      build: single header include (svg).
      build: single header include (mathml).
      build: add missing files to the header list.
      tests: don't abort on non existent data directory.
      svg_svg_element: don't try to render a <svg> with invalid viewport
      tests: an invalid cairo context before the actual rendering should
not be reported as an error.
      build: display lex and yacc binaries at the end of configure.
      documentation: restrict the documentation to the DOM part.
      documentation: fix warnings.
      build: fix introspection.
      dom_element: implement get_tag_name.
      documentation: add lsm_dom_element_get_tag_name.
      dom_node: implement replace and insert_before.
      tests: more dom unit tests.
      dom_node: allow NULL as new_child in insert_before.
      dom_node_list: implementation.
      tests: test node_list when parent node is destroyed.
      dom_node: fix chained list of childs when using insert_before.
      dom_document_fgragment: new.
      dom_element: minor comment fixes.
      dom_node_list: comvert to an abstract class.
      dom_implementation: allow the installation of new types of
      lsm: add lsm_shutdown, which frees ressources for debugging.
      tests: actually exit with the test return value.
      build: only install dom headers.
      dom_named_node_map: base class.
      dom_parser: we really want int as the type for the size parameter.
      dom_character_data: implement get/set_node_value.
      dom_node: check the validity of the new child parameter.
      dom_node: staticify.
      mathml_itex: use the display attribute for the inline/block mode.
      build: fix compilation after the intl commit.
      build: remove gdk dependency.
      itex2mml: update to 1.4.5.
      itex2mml: fix version in README.
      documentation: make documentation parallel installable.
      po: make translation parallel installable.
      build: rename lasemredner utility to
      dom: full ownership transfer of new_child parameter.
      build: build bzip2 compressed package.
      tests: add a crashing file found using fuzzxml from Morten.
      svg: add circular reference checks.
      tools: add fuzzxml script written by Morten Welinder.
      tests: add circular reference test files.
      use: detect circular references.
      svg_view: don't set negative font size.
      tests: add a simple script that test fuzzed files continuously
until a crash.
      debug: implement debug level for each category.
      debug: implement lsm_debug, lsm_warning and lsm_log as functions.
      misc: spacing fixes.
      documentation: enable annotation support.
      tests: another clip test.
      Update TODO file.
      dom_view: move resolution and viewport function to dom_view.
      Update NEWS file.

Jean Brefort (3):
      Added missing character in test/
      Add support for math equation baseline
      Aded a baseline argument to lsm_dom_view_get_size().

Mario Blättermann (3):
      Added files to translate to, marked some strings as
      [l10n] Added German translation
      [l10n] Added de to LINGUAS

thecrux (1):
      build: typo in typelibdir path

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