Glade 3.10.2 Released!

Glade 3.10.2 is the second stable release of the series since 
version 3.10.1 never saw the light of day because we fixed a few bugs
right after creating the tag.

This version of Glade depends on GTK+ 3.0, targets GTK+ >= 3.0 and 
is parallel installable with Glade 3.8.

WARNING: Both environment variables GLADE_CATALOG_PATH and GLADE_MODULE_PATH had been renamed
GLADE_CATALOG_SEARCH_PATH and GLADE_MODULE_SEARCH_PATH respectively because they conflict with 3.8.
This was a necessary API break to allow user catalogs and modules be parallel installable.

If you need to work with Glade projects that target GTK+2, you need an
installation of Glade 3.8 (more information on

This is my first release as a Glade maintainer so I want to take a few bytes to thanks Tristan
and all the people that helped me become one.


What is Glade?
Glade is a RAD tool to enable quick & easy development of user
interfaces for the GTK+ toolkit and the GNOME desktop environment. 
The user interfaces designed in Glade are saved as XML, and by using 
the GtkBuilder GTK+ object these can be loaded by applications
dynamically as needed.

By using GtkBuilder, Glade XML files can be used in numerous
programming languages including C, C++, C#, Vala, Java, Perl, 
Python, and others. 

Glade 3.10.2
	- Make documentation parallel installable (bug 646997).
	- Renamed catalog and module environment variables.
	- Properly escape special characters while serializing 
	  property values (bug 654609 - Fabien Parent) 
	- Fix GladeProject to notify "row-has-child-toggled"
	  (fixes bug 651673).
	- Fixed size groups widget selection (bug 647984 - Benjamin Otte)
	- Avoid crashing if glade-previewer is not installed
	  (bug 650899 - Johannes Schmid)
        - Optimized loading time by not updating progressbar on every
	  loaded object.
        - Update placeholders when a grid child's width or height child
	  properties change.
        - Ensure 'related-action' and 'use-action-appearance' are
	  serialized in the right order.
        - Correctly detect the required devhelp version - Javier Jardón
        - Fixed TreeModelFilter bug #657164
        - Fixed bug #660607 "Warnings when using GtkGrid created in
	  Glade 3.10"
        - Fixed glade-previewer bugs
          #660874 "glade-previewer fails to open UI files without top 
          #660872 "glade-previewer crashes on non-existent files"
        - Fixed loading correct application icon (bug 648487 fix by
	  Stéphane Maniaci).
        - Fixed "variable set but not used" warnings

New and updated translations
	- lt, courtesy of Aurimas Černius 
	- ast, courtesy of Xandru Armesto 
	- bg, courtesy of Alexander Shopov 
	- ca, courtesy of David Planella 
	- ca@valencia, courtesy of David Planella 
	- cs, courtesy of Marek Černocký 
	- da, courtesy of Ask Hjorth Larsen 
	- de, courtesy of Christian Kirbach 
	- en_GB, courtesy of Bruce Cowan 
	- eo, courtesy of Kristjan SCHMIDT 
	- es, courtesy of Daniel Mustieles 
	- fr, courtesy of Bruno Brouard 
	- gl, courtesy of Fran Diéguez 
	- hu, courtesy of Gabor Kelemen 
	- lt, courtesy of Aurimas Černius 
	- pl, courtesy of Piotr Drąg 
	- pt_BR, courtesy of Krix Apolinário 
	- ru, courtesy of Yuri Myaseodov 
	- sl, courtesy of Matej Urbančič 
	- sr, courtesy of Мирослав Николић 
	- sr@latin, courtesy of Miroslav Nikolić 
	- sv, courtesy of Daniel Nylander 
	- ug, courtesy of Sahran 

Where can I get it ?

For more information on the Glade project see our home page

        Juan Pablo

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