ANNOUNCE: krb5-auth-dialog 3.2.0

What is it?
krb5-auth-dialog is an applet for the GNOME desktop that monitors and
refreshes your Kerberos ticket. It pops up reminders when the ticket is
about to expire.

It features ticket autorenewal, supports PKINIT, can obtain tokens for
authentication to AFS, has a DBus API and is extensible via plugins.

What's changed in 3.2.0
* Use GtkApplication
* Turn ticket dialog into the main window that gets shown when
  krb5-auth-dialog is invoked multiple times. This makes the 
  prefs easily accessible.
* Fix crash when displaying empty ticket dialog
* UI translations:
	Andrej Žnidaršič (sl)
	Mario Blättermann (de)
	Zdeněk Hataš (cs)

Where can i get it?
krb5-auth-dialog is available at:

Where can i get more information?
Screenshots, Todo list, etc. are at:

 -- Guido

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