CrunchyFrog 0.4.2 released

After exactly two years it's obviously time to release a couple of bug
fixes for CrunchyFrog, a SQL client and database frontend :)


New Features
 * Add Excel export filter (issue84, patch by Michele Albanese). To
   use this export filter python-xlwt is required.

Bug Fixes
 * Properly escape error messages (issue85).
 * Fix conditional import of MySQL and Oracle backends by Darren
   Worrall (issue77).
 * Fix case-sensitive table names for initial SQL Server schema query,
   by Darren Worrall (issue80).
 * Fixed a problem when building schema information for SQL Server
 * Provide proper schema information in navigator and when dropping
   objects on SQL editor (issue81, patch by Darren Worrall).
 * Fixed a problem when certain data types appeared in query results
 * Fixed a problem when connecting to MySQL with invalid port settings
   (issue70, reported by Igor Stirbu, re-opened by LynxHeureux).
 * Catch GtkError when a backend reports a bad error position (issue74).
 * Installation prefix was hard-coded in cf/ and caused
   problems with non-standard installations (issue93).
 * English (en) message catalog was broken due to msgfmt's caching
   (issue96, thanks to Darren Worrall for reporting and testing).
 * Port is now properly set when connceting to SQL Server, in addition
   it's possible to define a character set when connecting to the
   database (issues 100 and 101, reported by Ernesto).
 * SQLite backend now allows to create a new database (issue 99).

 * Improved build process and code clean up (inluding a patch by
   Darren Worrall for issue78, issue86).
 * Removed sqlparse from source tree. It's a project on it's own for
   some time now. Source code is available from

Thanks for all contributions!

Best regards,


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