ANNOUNCE: AT-SPI 2.1.2 released

AT-SPI 2.1.2 is now available for download at:

What is AT-SPI2

AT-SPI2 is a D-Bus based accessibility framework. It defines a D-Bus
protocol for providing and accessing application accessibility
information. The project includes a library for bridging the D-Bus
protocol to the ATK API, allowing Gtk based applications to be made
accessible. It also contains a client (AT) side library in C and a wrapper
for Python.

What's changed in AT-SPI 2.0.2

* [core/pyatspi] Fix several table functions.

* [all] Fixes for attributes in collection match rules.

* [core] Rework atspi_accessible_set_cache_mask to make it usable.

* [core] Fix a crash that might happen if a method call times out.

* [core] Disable caching if atspi_event_main has not been called to run the main loop.

* [core] Fix atspi_accessible_get_toolkit_version.

* [all] Add atspi_accessible_get_atspi_version to fetch the version of the
  AT-SPI specification provided by an application.

* [core] Cache application-wide toolkit name and version.

* [core/pyatspi] Allow caching of attributes, but not enabling by default,
  as there is no event yet (BGO#649771).

* [core] Make deferred_messages a GQueue rather than a GList for performance

* [core] Fix accessibility bus breakage when a user runs an administrative app.

* [core/pyatspi] Add atspi_clear_cache() to clear the cache.

* Fix several table functions

* [pyatspi] Fix makeSyncType to generate a proper enum (will be needed when
  enum-types branch of at-spi2-core is merged).

* [pyatspi] Cache eventTypes in events for performance reasons.

* [pyatspi] Add GPL2 license because a couple of test files are licensed under it.

Where can I get more information about AT-SPI2

The project wiki is available at:

How can I contribute to AT-SPI2?

We are actively seeking contributors to help us make this the standard
a11y framework for Gnome. We need help testing with Gnome accessibility
technologies, improving performance, and generally tying up loose ends.
The above-referenced page contains a list of known issues that should be

IRC   : #a11y on Gimpnet
E-Mail: accessibility-atspi lists linux-foundation org

Development repositories can be found at:


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