gnome-color-manager 3.1.90

About GNOME Color Manager

GNOME Color Manager is a set of graphical utilities for color
management to be used in the GNOME desktop.


Released: 2011-08-30

* Translations
 - Added Basque language (Inaki Larranaga Murgoitio)
 - Updated Russian translation (Alexandre Prokoudine)
 - Updated Serbian translation (Мирослав Николић)
 - Update Simplified Chinese (zh_CN) translation (Yinghua Wang)

* New Features:
 - Add a --file argument to gcm-viewer to show files (Richard Hughes)
 - Allow the profile title to be changed in gcm-calibrate (Richard Hughes)
 - Ask the user for the target whitepoint when creating a profile
(Richard Hughes)
 - Make importing color profiles sexy (Richard Hughes)
 - Move the help files to gnome-user-docs (Richard Hughes)
 - Remove gcm-session, it's not required anymore (Richard Hughes)
 - Use cd_client_import_profile_sync() when generating profiles (Richard Hughes)

* Bugfix:
 - Allow writing dictionary items of longer then 512 bytes (Richard Hughes)
 - Correctly use plural forms in the calibration wizard. Fixes #654247
(Richard Hughes)
 - Do not build with G_DISABLE_DEPRECATED for our future sanity (Richard Hughes)
 - Fix a crash in gcm-picker when a color sensor is plugged in (Richard Hughes)
 - Fix a critical warning in gcm-picker when CUPS printers are
installed (Richard Hughes)
 - Fix linking with -Wl,--as-needed (Dominique Leuenberger)
 - Fix the profile list sorting when the user has virtual profiles
from CUPS (Richard Hughes)
 - Make the clutter and mash dependency non-automagic (Alexandre Rostovtsev)
 - Remove the GetProfilesForDevice() DBus method call (Richard Hughes)


 sha256sum: 6e50b1da207b8aa154ba84c59059a3b19fcae0f30ac41eb68b8de0e036d54249
 sha256sum: 4f890b30a26e24321c63feaca62a46a9c37219edd4ca2705cd01d31631a5d8a8

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