gnome-packagekit 3.1.90

About GNOME PackageKit

GNOME PackageKit is the name of the collection of graphical tools for
PackageKit to be used in the GNOME desktop.


Released: 2011-08-30

* Translations
 - Added UG translation (Abduxukur Abdurixit)
 - Updated Bulgarian translation (Alexander Shopov)
 - Updated Czech translation (Marek Černocký)
 - Updated Galician translations (Fran Dieguez)
 - Updated German translation (Mario Blättermann)
 - Updated Hebrew translation (Yaron Shahrabani)
 - Updated Indonesian translation (Andika Triwidada)
 - Updated Latvian translation (Rudolfs Mazurs)
 - Updated Norwegian bokmål translation (Kjartan Maraas)
 - Updated Punjabi translation (A S Alam)
 - Updated Spanish translation (Daniel Mustieles)
 - Updated Spanish translation (Jorge González)
 - Updated Swedish translation (Daniel Nylander)
 - Updated Traditional Chinese translation(Hong Kong and Taiwan)
(Cheng-Chia Tseng)

* New Features:
 - Allow the list of package dependencies to expand horizontally
(Jean-François Fortin Tam)
 - Don't make each package have a bold summary now the package details
are grey (Richard Hughes)
 - Make the version and architecture gray in the GUI tools (Richard Hughes)
 - Move the '7 Updates (45Mb)' text to the button box to match the
mockup (Richard Hughes)
 - Split up the updates in the update viewer into sections to match
the mockup (Richard Hughes)
 - Turn the cryptic i86_64 into a human readable string, e.g. '64-bit'
(Richard Hughes)

* Bugfix:
 - Better default dialog height for the main application and the
update viewer (Jean-François Fortin Tam)
 - Better default position for the package update description vpane
(Jean-François Fortin Tam)
 - Better default size for the Log Viewer (Jean-François Fortin Tam)
 - Better default size in the repositories prefs dialog (Jean-François
Fortin Tam)
 - Correctly use the theme colors rather than hardcoding gray (Richard Hughes)
 - Do not allow vertical scrollbars on the package metadata
(Jean-François Fortin Tam)
 - Do not show the full path when installing local files (Richard Hughes)
 - Do not use deprecated #defines from PackageKit (Richard Hughes)
 - Don't clear the welcome screen when starting gpk-application (Richard Hughes)
 - Fix the update viewer's progressbar alignment (Jean-François Fortin Tam)
 - Give more space for error messages (Jean-François Fortin Tam)
 - Hide the details expander by default in the updates viewer to match
the mockup (Richard Hughes)
 - Never set a window title if the dialog has no parent (Richard Hughes)
 - Nuke the 'Help' button in the update viewer to closer match the
mockups (Richard Hughes)
 - Rename the 'Software Updates' to 'Software Settings' to make
searching clearer (Richard Hughes)
 - Service Pack dialog: affirmative action goes to the right
(Jean-François Fortin Tam)
 - Show the application name in the run listbox (Richard Hughes)
 - Use a 'Cancel' button for a confirm dialog rather than 'Close'
(Richard Hughes)


 sha256sum: 905e9c56a6bbb5c74f159db93e0a3b46f7ad63ba03d466793d0a4946b5588cac
 sha256sum: a28972ed26808c57f2cdf98e19230de93f439699b81c018c9ac95c666eeb54ee

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