ANNOUNCE: Tomboy 1.7.5 Released!

Hello Everyone,

The Tomboy team is proud to announce the release of Tomboy 1.7.5.
These release contains mainly language updates.

*** Note to packagers ***
 * In 1.7.3, NUNIT tests are disabled by default, you can enable
   them with --enable-tests at configure time
 * In 1.7.1, we've dropped the dependency for gconf-sharp-peditors.
 * In 1.7.0, we moved from ndesk-dbus-sharp to dbus-sharp.

What is Tomboy?

Tomboy is a simple personal note-taking application designed to be
unobtrusive and friendly, while supporting inter-note-links similar to a
WikiWikiWeb to help you organize your notes and ideas.  It can run
either as a GNOME panel applet or a notification tray icon and is also
supported in your Windows tray or Mac OSX dock.

Tomboy's Website:

Tomboy's Wiki:
 * Road Map:
 * Brainstorming:

Linux tarballs:  (6.27M)
 sha256sum: 9c54f9983462436c329bf6634e94ceb75f87d187f7529b1b0e879d53d8244b5e (6.93M)
 sha256sum: a9209af3018fe47d378b18c4970a734db06c095e2c4d285b2ff7142c11c3b321

Windows installer:

Mac OS X zip:

What's new since the last stable release in April:

Version 1.7.4

 * Name note being deleted in confirmation dialog (#627034)
 * Autolinking notes should not update modification time (#634035)
 * Fix translation string in Export All Notes Addin (#654865)
 * Don't create nested links (#627060)
 * Save button in Sync Preferences should be insensitive until fields are
   filled (#473332)
 * Tune down autosync frequency (#473332)
 * Keep selection after Notebook rename (#625679)
 * Allow renaming of template notes (#509147)
 * Improve template note functionality (#653062)
 * Translation Updates: es, gl, id, ru

Version 1.7.3

 * Make NUNIT conditional (#647591)
 * Translation Updates: bg, sv, zh

Version 1.7.2

 * New addin for advanced preferences (#401888, Alex Tereschenko)
 * Remove minumum size on Search All Notes window (#582558)
 * Fix note title matching in TrieTree (#584362)
 * Enforce minimum size on Name column in Search window (#575337)
 * Translation Updates: cs, de, es, fi, he, hu, lv, nb, pa, sl, tr, zh

Version 1.7.1

 * New addin to Export All Notes (#356871, Robert Nordan)
 * Drop dependency for gconf-sharp-peditors (#652787)
 * Fix delete key behavior in bullet lists (#447245)
 * Resolve relative paths when exporting notes (#652783, Robert Nordan)
 * Fix string in Preferences UI (#630577, Matt Rajca)
 * Handle ending slashes in sync URLs (#651286, Robert Nordan)
 * Don't allow rename of special notebooks (#627872, Robert Nordan)
 * Don't open URL twice in Addin preferences (#643564, Max Lin)
 * Handle invalid files when loading notes (#639500, Lukas Vacek)
 * Add UI for no search results in notebook (#588730, Abhinav Upadhyay)
 * Update copyright to 2011 (#653280)
 * Handle matching brackets in links (#531085)
 * Translation Updates: es, gl, he, sl, sr, sv

Version 1.7.0

 * Search does not give preference to note title (#637239, Robert
 * Fix strings in sync dialogs (#473519)
 * Fix context-menu key now opens next to selected notes (#606007)
 * Fix string references to *Search All Notes* window (#631000)
 * Disable Delete when note list not in focus (#647462, Abhinav
 * Allow the user to open multiple notes via keypress or menu (#587499)
 * Update tar usage to ensure OpenBSD compatibility (Olav Vitters)
 * Switch from NDesk Dbus to dbus-sharp (#649889, Iain Lane)
 * Specify utf8 encoding for sync confirmation page (#622861, Pavol
 * Fix focus chain in Search All Notes window (#512175)
 * New addin for removing broken links from notes (#384034, Alex
 * Remove unmanaged window present code (#405806, Michael Fletcher)
 * Improvements for translators (#514179, Jeff Tickle)
 * Don't save unchanged new notes (#545252)
 * Translation Updates: ca, cs, eo, es, gl, he, hu, id, nb, sl, tr, ug,

Thanks to everyone entering bugs, submitting patches, updating
documentation and keeping translations up to date and helping to make
Tomboy better!

Tomboy Maintainers

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